With more than thirty years experience, and a portfolio of projects ranging from major commercial developments to private residences, TSAR is a design-led business with the confidence to take a unique point of view and the technical expertise to deliver. The design team at TSAR work with architects, interior designers and private clients, to develop original, customised rugs and carpets for individual spaces. In addition, TSAR carries an extensive house collection, featuring understated classics through to high impact modern designs. Drawing on diverse influences, from botanic to industrial, designs from this collection are available in-store or, in keeping with our emphasis on customized service, can be made to order in any size and colour.

TSAR's approach is to design and produce a product that suits - not just find one that fits. TSAR designs for the space, the occupant and the purpose. Operating on the principle that a personalised service best meets the client's needs, we have structured our range to make custom-made products available for the same price per square metre as equivalent, ready-made items. Although much of the TSAR House Collection is available instore, the majority of our clients relish the opportunity to customise size and/or colours. For this reason large quantities of stock are not carried. As a result, TSAR has no stake in promoting particular styles or colours and can be flexible, responsive and truly objective in meeting our client's requirements


Balancing the practical with the aesthetic, we design for the space, for the purpose, and for you. The TSAR House Collection is available "off the rack". Although, any of the designs can also be custom-made to your exact specifications, or coloured to suit your needs, we don't carry large quantities of stock. So custom-made to orderrugs/carpets does mean waiting (usually around 8-14 weeks), and it also means that we have no stake in promoting one particular style or colour. We can be flexible, responsive and truly objective about to what you need. Each of our showrooms has a design studio where our qualified design consultants work with clients. Their brief is to help you select or develop an area rug or wall-to-wall carpet - that will enhance your room, complement its surrounding,s and perform superbly under the expected wear and traffic conditions.


Below shows some of our texture, yarn, pile height and carving possibilities



TSAR rugs and carpets are carefully designed to be naturally hardwearing and highly stain resistant due to the high quality fibres used in construction. If cared for properly they will retain their beauty and luxury for many years to come. The best way to care for your new TSAR carpet is simply to vacuum regularly. The following instructions are the most effective, simple and safe way to clean spills or stains.

Stage 1

• Act quickly as soon as a spill or stain occurs.
• Absorb any liquid using a clean, white, absorbent cloth. Blot, don't rub.
• The colour of the stain will fade as the liquid is absorbed.
• For remaining marks use a new cloth, dampened with clean warm water. Never reuse a dirty cloth.
• Apply pressure to the pile and agitate slightly to work the cloth into the base of the pile.
• Do not use a wiping or rubbing action as this will damage the fibres and spread the stain.
• Allow to dry and repeat, if necessary, using a new cloth.

Stage 2

• If the stain remains after repeated attempts using just water, try a small amount of gentle wool wash.
• Dilute the wool wash according to the instructions on the package.
• Using a clean, white cloth apply the wool wash using the same method as in stage one.
• Repeat until the stain is removed, allowing to dry completely before reapplying the wool wash.
• Remember to be patient. The stains may take a few days to completely break down.



What Makes a TSAR Rug?

A TSAR rug combines the best in design, quality, performance and luxury. Whether it be a celebration of the classic or a forward-thinking contemporary statement, the Tsar house collection is always unique, expressive and timely. Through years of experience TSAR has found highest quality fibres and the best manufacturing techniques to ensure aesthetic brilliance and a luxurious feel underfoot. These same fibres and techniques ensure a TSAR rug is hardwearing, stain resistant and easy to care for – a TSAR rug will look as good as the day it was made for decades. From design to manufacture, from impeccable service to full customization, TSAR is not just a rug, it is an experience.
What should be considered when choosing a rug or carpet?
When first deciding what kind of rug or carpet to add to a space, TSAR designers encourage personal consideration of a few key points:
• Whether the rug will be a statement – a piece of art for the floor - or if the rug is to quietly compliment the space.
• A decision on the mood that the interior design will communicate, for example "warm and peaceful, a place to relax"; "classic and sophisticated"; "bright, fun, and entertaining". This can be determined by personal taste with consideration of the intended purpose of the space.
• Observing the furniture, accessories and decoration in the room, considering the colours, the feeling created by the design of the items and how the rug might be used to tie the theme together.
• The kind of care the rug will need. Factors such as children, pets and traffic will impact on the decision of construction. For example, loop pile and silk are not ideal for a cat wanting to sharpen it's claws; high traffic areas can benefit from a lower and denser pile height and the use of semi-worsted wool.
• Selection of designs that reflect personal aesthetic. The best interiors are those that resonate personality. A TSAR rug will last for decades so the design must be one that speaks to the soul.

How is colour selected?

One of the most exciting parts about the custom process is the selection of colour. Any design from the TSAR house collection can be changed to fit an individual colour palette and a TSAR designer is always on hand to offer guidance in the selection of the perfect palette for each individual space and aesthetic. When looking at colours the palette that already exists in the space should be kept in mind including colours in the furniture, soft furnishings, decoration and artwork. Even if the colours are not intended to match exactly they must complement their surrounds so as not create a discordant clash. Also considered is the ebb and flow of colour in the entire space. Is the aim to have a mostly neutral palette with highlights of key colours or is there more of a solid "colour-blocked" or patterned feel? Colour, when used cleverly will draw the eye around the room and will create a sense of movement and interest while maintaining harmony and communicating the style and personality of the owner space.

Is it possible to match specific colours from a piece of furniture or décor?

TSAR encourages clients to provide photos, swatches and examples of colours that are planned for the space so that a custom rug or carpet can be individually tailored to. Tsar has an extensive range of house colours to choose from as well as access to an even greater collection of custom colours that can be individually mixed to achieve the perfect tone.

Can TSAR replicate other rugs or images of other designs?

TSAR is a design-led business that prides itself on integrity, forward thinking and originality. TSAR is committed to creating custom rugs and carpets that communicate each client's individual personality and vision for their space. For this reason only designs that are original and exclusive to TSAR are put into production. Under intellectual property law it is illegal to copy another designer's work.

Does TSAR offer assistance to those who are unsure about design or colour?

TSAR offers a fully tailored design service to ensure custom rugs and carpets are suited to each client's needs. From selection of house designs, colours and construction, to advice on placement and configuration and further on, creating artwork options that are easy to interpret and choose from, all TSAR consultants are qualified designers experienced in assisting clients from vision to creation.

What does the TSAR design service cost?

The design service is part of the TSAR experience. A design deposit of 10% is required before artwork can be produced however this cost is then deducted from the final price of the order.

Does TSAR provide a house visit service?

TSAR consultants are available to visit homes or commercial locations to give site specific design advice provided a design deposit has been paid and the location is within the metro area of a TSAR showroom. Decisions to visit locations outside the metro areas will be assessed case by case.

What fibres does TSAR use?

Many years of experience have allowed TSAR to refine the selection of fibres that produce the highest quality rugs and carpets.

New Zealand Wool
NZ Wool is widely known to be the best wool for rugs and carpets due to its region specific properties. The wool from New Zealand is coarse and therefore, extremely hardwearing. It is the whitest in the world making it the best for dyeing and highly colourfast. It is also high in natural lanolin which improves its stain resistance and durability. For more information on NZ Wool visit the Wools of New Zealand website.

Silk has been used in rugs and carpets throughout history. It has a beautiful and luxurious feel and provides a richness of colour and lustre. It is hypoallergenic and contrary to popular belief very hardwearing and easy to care for. Tsar chooses Chinese silk because of its long history of use in rugs and carpets.

Bamboo Silk
A new addition to the TSAR range of fibres, bamboo silk offers all the qualities of silk at a lower cost. Bamboo is well known for its natural properties and the bamboo used in Tsar rugs and carpets looks and feels just like silk making it a more preferable alternative to other synthetic fibres.

Other fibres
TSAR also offers the option of adding man-made fibres such as DuPont or viscose. These fibres offer texture, lustre and colour variation. The texture of synthetic fibres is not as luxurious as that of the natural fibres and so they are better suited to commercial projects with spaces that have high traffic or need extra ease of care or as highlights in residential spaces.

Where are TSAR rugs and carpets made?

TSAR rugs and carpets are constructed our workshops in Southern China, where the method tufting used by TSAR was invented and perfected. Over many years TSAR has developed a relationship with the workshop aritsans that is based on excellent communication and skill sharing as opposed to simply buying power. Each TSAR rug and carpet is made to exact specifications developed within this partnership. This ensures that TSAR standards of aesthetics and performance are met worldwide, from design to construction.

Do TSAR rugs and carpets come with a warranty?

TSAR has a 5 year warranty that covers both materials and workmanship.

Are TSAR rugs and carpets made to standard sizes?

The majority of the rugs in the TSAR showrooms are 2m x 3m mainly for display purposes. However, the beauty of the TSAR model is that while there are traditionally standard rug sizes these need not be restrictive. TSAR is completely customisable meaning both rugs and wall-to-wall carpets can be made to virtually any size and shape. TSAR carpet is made exactly to the measurements of the space resulting in a perfect fit, no wastage and no seams.

How do I clean my TSAR rug or carpet?

TSAR has carefully selected materials with ease of care and durability in mind. Scotchgard will not be necessary and the most beneficial care routine is simply regular vacuuming. The most important rule of thumb for more drastic spills is: blot, don't rub. Rubbing will cause the substance to be absorbed by fibres resulting in damage to fibre and dye as well as staining. Act quickly and use an absorbent product to draw the liquid from the pile. Then, refer to TSAR's specific carpet care instructions on this page. We do however ultimately recommend carpet stains are best dealt with by a carpet cleaning professional.

Does TSAR offer custom service to states/countries outside the showroom areas?

TSAR offers the same personalised and expert service all over the world. All the TSAR House Designs and colours can be viewed on this website Simply contact TSAR head office either by phone: +61 3 9525 0488 or by email: to discuss your needs and begin the TSAR custom experience.

Does TSAR deliver?

TSAR can arrange delivery of rugs and carpets to any location worldwide.

How is a rug measured for a space?

The ability to custom order a TSAR rug means the size and shape can fit its intended space exactly. When sizing a rug first consider the effect it will give. A rug placed under furniture in a large open space serves to create an "island" effect or a room within a room, framing the space, and grounding the furniture. Aesthetically it is best to have the rug ending 1/3 or 2/3 behind the front edge of the furniture. Where space is limited the rug can be centred within the furniture as a feature. This creates a more casual aesthetic. If the rug is to be placed under a dining table it is recommended that it sits at least 60cm from the edge of the table to account for pulling out chairs. The best way to measure the size needed is to see it. Using newspaper or masking tape is a good trick to mark out the area.

What is hand tufting?

Hand tufting is the method TSAR uses to construct rugs and carpets. Hand tufted rugs and carpets are known for their richness and depth of colour and a greater design flexibility compared with hand knotting or weaving. The yarns are inserted into a canvas backing by way of a hand held 'tufting gun' that is operated by a skilled artisan who effectively draws the design with this gun. Compared with the grid structure of a hand knotted rug a hand tufted design can be much more precise and has a sharper and smoother line . Hand tufting is also a quicker method for construction allowing Tsar to deliver custom rugs in a more timely fashion. Please view Tsar manufacturing on this page
How are TSAR rugs bound and finished?

Once the rug has been tufted onto the primary backing a secondary natural latex backing is added and the primary backing is then used to hem and finish the rug.

Do TSAR rugs need Rug grip?

Due to the latex backing Tsar rugs are already non-slip, they will not require any extra underlay such as Rug Grip if placed on a hard surface.

Can a rug be placed on carpet?

A product such as Rug Grip is always recommended for use under a rug if it is to be placed over carpet to prevent movement and bunching.

What is the difference between a square metre and a lineal metre?

Most wall-to-wall carpet is made on a Broadloom machine that is traditionally 3.6m wide and the carpet is mass-produced in a roll. It must then be purchased, ready-made, by the lineal metre. The actual area of each of these metres is 3.6 square metres. TSAR wall-to-wall carpet is made to order by the square metre from the start. This means that, for example, if there is an area that requires 10m length and 1m width, exactly 10m2 of carpet will be produced resulting in no seams and no wastage.

How are TSAR handfinished wall-to-wall carpet made?

TSAR wall-to-wall is constructed by combining hand-tufting and pass-tufting. Pass-tufting is a more mechanized version of hand tufting, which uses a machine that has many more needles than the singular hand-tufting gun. The machine is fairly narrow so can be used for any size carpet. It is not necessarily limited to a single width as with a broadloom.

Does TSAR install wall-to-wall carpet?

TSAR can offer a professional installation service including underlay, or forward you to TSAR approved installers.


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